Traps and Trailers

My name is Calvin. I live in a very highly populated area in Dayton, Texas.  Late one Friday evening after returning home from a business trip, I looked in my back yard and asked my wife if she had someone plow my garden. Her reply was no. The next day I decided to take a closer look. Overwhelmingly to my surprise I noticed it was hog tracks.

After casually mentioning my dilemma to a few co-workers, and not knowing what to do or who to call, I was given Matt’s contact information over at Deep South Trapping.  Once we made contact, within a couple of days an appointment was made. Matt came and accessed the situation. On the same day he came back and placed traps.

It was less than a week when he called and advised me he had already started catching hogs. Within a month, Deep South Trapping had eradicated our hog issue–at least in our part of Dayton.

Matt was very considerate of how he maintained the property. He also exemplified a great deal of professionalism and dependability. Deep South Trapping also took care of my hog problem in a very timely manner. I was very pleased with the  results they produced in such a short period of time.

If you are having similar problems or know someone who is, I recommend you give Deep South Trapping a call.

Calvin W. Carter – Dayton, TX

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