Hogs in Jager Traps

A member of the Deep South Trapping team will be happy to come to your property free of charge to talk about what option might work the best for you and your acreage.

Setting up a box trap on your property for 60 days begins at $250.

Setting up a M.I.N.E. (Manually Initiated Nuisance Elimination) trap manufactured by Jager Pro (capable of catching a large number of hogs at one time) for 60 days begins at $1,000. This will include the process of setting up a feeder to get the hogs comfortable coming to the area to eat. Once the hogs are comfortable feeding, then the trap panels will be set up. Then after the hogs are comfortable with that, the gate will be added.

Deep South Trapping will keep all feral hogs trapped unless other arrangements are made.

Box traps for sale begin at $375.

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