Deer Hunters

According to Texas A&M University, feral hogs impact the deer population in three ways. First, they compete (and usually out-compete) with deer for native food such as acorns. Second, feral hogs compete for the supplemental food (such as corn) placed in feeders by hunters. Third, deer do not tolerate feral hogs very well and will eventually vacate the area. When the opportunity presents itself, feral hogs will also prey on deer fawns and ground nesting birds such as quail.

The Texas Department of Agriculture reports that experiments have shown this to be true as well—feral hogs will run off deer.

“In some areas of Texas right now, wild hogs have decimated the deer population. The hogs are more aggressive than deer, so they’re getting the food and running the deer elsewhere.” (Gene Davis, a veteran conservation officer).

Most deer hunters already know the damage that feral hogs are doing to deer leases and hunting areas.

Don’t wait until deer season to start dealing with your feral hog problem. Let us get rid of them during the off season so there are no disturbances to your deer hunting.

We can trap and remove the feral hogs without affecting or disturbing the deer population. We can also castrate the boars making them bar hogs for fall hunting if that is something you’re interested in as well—with ear tagging so you know which hog to shoot.

A member of the Deep South Trapping team will be happy to talk with you and then provide you with a quote.