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Are hogs becoming a problem on your property? Are they causing damage to your crops, your deer lease or your lawn? Then you’re not alone—damage caused by feral hogs is increasing. Statewide feral hogs cause millions of dollars worth of damage to farmland, hunting leases, parks, neighborhoods, golf courses, etc. Hogs also not only compete […]

Hogs in Box Traps

Deep South Trapping can help you get rid of hogs that have invaded your property. We specialize in trapping and removing hogs without interfering with or harming domestic livestock or wild life such as deer. We will set up the traps on your property and remove hogs daily until your hog problem is gone. Because […]

Traps and Trailers

My name is Calvin. I live in a very highly populated area in Dayton, Texas.  Late one Friday evening after returning home from a business trip, I looked in my back yard and asked my wife if she had someone plow my garden. Her reply was no. The next day I decided to take a closer […]

Hogs in Jager Traps

A member of the Deep South Trapping team will be happy to come to your property free of charge to talk about what option might work the best for you and your acreage. Setting up a box trap on your property for 60 days begins at $250. Setting up a M.I.N.E. (Manually Initiated Nuisance Elimination) […]